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Catherine did a great job on prepaid arrangements. Tommy did an amazing job when our need arose. Thank you so much Tommy for all your help, suggestions and patience with us. We will be forever grateful.

Betty H

June '20

From the first phone call to the last visit they were wonderful! If you ever have to make a decision they will help you in every way! Treasure Coast Thank you! Top notch service!!!

Kim B

February '20

Victor at TCSeawinds was the nicest guy. He helped me with my father's passing last week. He is a genuine, caring person, and I'd recommend him/them to anyone whose family is in mourning and in need of funerary services. This was such a hard time, but they did everything to make the transition smooth and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Antonio B

October '19

They make the best of a bad situation. Professional. Kind. Have helped my family a couple times and always as good as can be.

Joe C

December '18

Treasure Coast Seawinds has handled all arrangements for both of my parents. The staff are all lovely, compassionate and have exceeded my expectations. Tommy Metts holds a special place in my heart.

Jacqueline P

July '18

I have sadly worked with Funeral Homes for my family members. Treasure Coast Seawinds is made of warm, compassionate, kind and experienced professionals that are also reasonable when it comes to expenses. Being accessible and helpful whether I called or came in made such a difference. Appreciated.

Elayne D

February '18